30 December 2010



Its been a pretty amazing year for our little family. Not without day to day dramas and little issues here and there, but on the whole a happy one. Here's what we're grateful for:

- three healthy, happy children
- two healthy, happy grown ups
- a house full of love
- a lovely neighbourhood in a beautiful part of the world
- friends who we can ask for help from and help out in return
- food growing in our garden, despite neglect
- creative freedom
- family who nurture us... I'm looking at you Maree!!

There's really not much in this world that we need right now and that's a good thing. Feeling satisfied with enough. When Huz asked if I had any New Years' resolutions to make, I couldn't think of one. I reckon that's a good thing too. I feel like, generally, we are on the right track. Well... ok there are a few things I might like to do... Here's what they are:

- find ways to give a little more this year. To my local community and beyond
- remember to stay in the moment whenever I can... ah, yes... mindfulness
- take a holiday
- keep prioritising my health
- find my love of cooking and gardening... I seem to have mislaid it.

So the year has ended pretty well. A new baby, awesome christmas, time off for Huz, time to do things we haven't had time for before... like berry picking!

Yesterday brought another beautiful surprise. I became a godmother! A beautiful wee woman named Nell entered the world. She chose a brilliant family to be part of and I'm very humbled that they chose me to be her godmother. I'm hoping to get some time next year to get to know her and find ways to send her loads of love.

How about you? Has your year ended well? I'm hoping you've managed some bright, sparkly moments... Thanks so much for reading and for being so supportive of our little owlet family. Here's to a brilliantly abundant 2011!! Wishing much love, health and happiness for the year to come, from our family to yours .xxxxx


  1. I've been reading your blog for ages now…and I am so moved by everything you share here. I feel lucky to have found you, glad to read your words/see your photos/be a part, in some way, of your life. Thank you for sharing, and I wish you even more joy and beauty for the coming year!

  2. Just beautiful, so lovely you stop to appreciate all that you have. Wishing you a beautiful 2011, love Posie

  3. You certainly wrapped up your year on a high note. I do love the way you appreciate everything in your life and your blog is all about abundance! Best wishes for 2010, and may you see the return of your gardening and cooking mojo.

  4. naaw, what a lovely post :) I got all teary when you mentioned your plans for godmotherhood, we certainly made a wise choice, I'm sure Nell will think so too xoxo

  5. Mindfulness...that's one I'm working on too.
    Happy New Year Lauren. To you and your family, may it be filled with loads of love and a little magic too xx.

  6. your mantra's for the year are wonderful lauren - sure are a few "snaps" there for me, glad you wrote them down :)


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