11 December 2010

advent day 11 :: Aretha


Get it? Big owlet just did. She's loving playing with words at the moment. So when I popped on Aretha for our wreath decorating activity this afternoon, as per our cheesy family tradition, she was delighted. I'm guessing there's only another year or so where we'll get away with that without too much eye rolling... We opted for a quick and easy revamp of last year's wreath, adding a few eucalypt leaves, flowers and fruits.


Day 10 :: Make decorations for the tree.
Day 9 :: Watch a family movie - we watched Fantastic Mr. Fox. Brilliant!!

PS. Thanks for the gorgeous comments on Thursday's post. Its so lovely to know we're not alone sometimes, huh?


  1. love the revamp !
    those tied cloth wreaths are always so cheery.
    Hope you have recovered some eqilibrium after the bad day/s.
    happy decoration making - i need to get a batch of salt dough on the go i think.

  2. I LOVE the eucalyptus on your wreath!! We still haven't seen the Fantastic Mr Fox, there's one for the holiday list...

  3. I have wondered what fantastic mr fox was like, I will put it on the list now! Love the wreath, not sure if we will get to doing one this year, tree decorations coming up next week for us too!


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