18 December 2010



Trimming the tree. Its a beauty this year. Most years we make a trip to a patch of bush near a pine plantation and cut down a runaway weed. They are actually a bit of a problem in the bush in these parts, so we're doing a good thing... it feels just a little bit norty too, which makes it all the more fun ;) Most of our decorations are handmade. I'm hoping that we can have a couple of handmade ornaments survive from each year and remember the time we made them in years to come...


Of course you have to scoff a box of choccies while decorating...


The owlets usually decorate wrapping paper each year. Repurposed art. If we don't get around to that, we wrap with fabric instead.


We've been making some gifts too, little bags filled with lavender collected on our morning walks...

I must say the weeks have flown by. The family are flying in over the next couple of days for a holiday in my neighbourhood, a chance to meet tiny owlet and the first christmas we've spent together in a while. Its pretty spesh.

Activity Advent Catchup
Day 11 :: go garage sailing
Day 12 :: hunt for a Christmas tree
Day 13 :: decorate the tree
Day 14 :: all go for a walk at lunchtime
Day 15 :: fancy dress dinner
Day 16 :: Huz reads a christmas story
Day 17 :: make wrapping paper
Day 18 :: dance party in the lounge room


  1. Beautiful.
    We also have a family tradition of wildcrafting a self sown pine near a plantation. We managed to fit 4 of them in the kombi this year, so we harvested for the extended family homes too :)
    Enjoy advent xx

  2. The heat up here killed our spruce so we went "weeding" except we underestimated what the heat would do to a cut tree so we've actually gone out "weeding" again and brought home a second one which we'll trim today - the children thought it was kind of weird until I suggested that not many people are as lucky as us to get to trim TWO trees in one season!

  3. Simply wonderful, our children decorated our freshly cut tree farm, she's a beauty. Love Posie

  4. we havent done any 'weeding' down here yet, but it was always a tradition of mine growing up, one which I think is awesome enough to keep, we will get back into it next year, fake one's just dont cut it! (no pun intended)

  5. Sounds like it will be a lovely Christmas for you all x. I do love this time of the year - but I'm use to it being much warmer!!


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