28 December 2010

unschool tuesday... because natural learning happens everyday...

working 2

working 3






Here's what the owlets did today:

played with their makedo kits - possibly the most perfect gift ever when you are seven
learned about recycling, shapes, construction, how things work
painted plaster figures craft kit
learned about colour mixing
watched some kids shows
made music with Huz
washed the back wall of the house
played outdoors for hours in the new space we made for them
big owlet seems to have been working on a calendar on the blackboard and she is writing with confidence now.

Here's what we did today:

cleaned out my wardrobe - in preparation for new overlocked clothes
mowed the lawn
held the baby
did some washing
caught up with our midwife
hovered and enjoyed watching the owlets play, build, paint and learn
cleaned up the back porch, creating a space for us, a space for the owlets and reminding them that we have a backyard

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for reminding us that within the simplicities of every day life there are always multiple opportunities to learn and grow. Appreciating the moments and enjoying lifes small pleasures....love it!


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