27 December 2010

silly season part two :: celebration


I think it may have been the best christmas ever! How was yours? Our day started as we were woken, not by owlets, but by the grandparents and aunt and uncle knocking on the door at 8am :) First, stockings were opened, then the owlets handed out the gifts one by one... it took a while. It's been a good year... I was especially lucky this year. Not only did I get a tiny owlet to snuggle but Mum and Dad spoilt me absolutely rotten... See if you can guess what they gave me...



An overlocker!! I could have cried!! All this time I've been making things for the owlet shop and finishing them in a rather painstaking fashion, doing my best to avoid rough edges... wishing for an overlocker one day. I have a feeling things are about to get crafty around here very soon.


Big owlet was most impressed by her sewing kit... and the little video camera she received from the grandparents too! Something she will most definitely get loads of use out of. She's rather taken with vlogging and we expect all those protests of "I'm learning to make movies", while we nag her about all the time she spends in front of a screen, may actually may have some truth to them. Expect to see more from her as she plays and learns.

Of course, the best thing is often the bag or box the gift comes in...


The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion. Silly hats...


A feast. Thank goodness Mum cooked this year!!


Then the obligatory post feast snooze...


So much to take in for tiny owlet's first Christmas, hence the thoughtful expression, I expect.


Now to contemplate the year that was as we spend some time hanging out together. I hope your family was as blessed as ours was. So much to be thankful for. xx


  1. Baby Owlet is so sweet. Glad you had a good day and looking forward to those vlogs!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! Ours was wonderful too. Hope you have a very happy new year.. and yes, you do have a very cute mini owlet!

  3. Tiny Owlet is so beautiful!

    Can you believe I actually leaned towards the screen and then realised I was trying to sniff her? (Sad, I know rofl)

    Sounds like you had a lovely and pretty relaxing Xmas.


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