9 December 2010

in the trenches...


Tough parenting day. They do happen here, despite the sunny, happy photos and words you often see and read. I don't usually write about them because I like to look back and remember the positive stuff if I can. In the interests of keeping it real though, I'm willing to share that today was one of those days. Laundry piling up. Crumbs and crunchy bits sticking to my feet. Sour milk smell in my clothes, my bed, everything! Two feverishly sick owlets to nurse and a newborn who went from mellow to cranky in the blink of an eye and stayed that way all day... Certainly a tricky hiccup in our first full week with Huz back at work. Of course, the minute he walked through the door, I handed the screaming baby to him, she fell asleep immediately and calm fell upon the house for a moment or two. I do rather wish we really did live in a village at times like this, but right now I'm happy for a quiet house, a big bowl of ice cream, Huz beside me and a comfy bed to collapse into. Here's to a good night's sleep and a fresh start for tomorrow!


  1. Hugs. I know those days and they are tough.
    May tomorrow be much easier

  2. I always feel like I want to smother mothers who have shared a tough day in sloppy kisses. Not just to help them recover but to thank them. For every one of us who occasionally talks about the hard stuff we come closer to breaking down those ideals and ideas that most women have to be perfect mothers. Hugs for your tough day babe, and big sloppy kisses for sharing it.

  3. I was going to ask if you want me to give you a hand tomorrow as Bri will be with D - washing, caring for owlets of any size, whatever you need - then realised Huz will probably be home. But still, the offer's there any time - just call. The village awaits :) Much love xxx

  4. Huge hugs. I know those days so well.
    Deep breaths and a moment to recharge, and just sit in quiet always helps when hub or a friend can take over.
    Much love to you.

  5. I hope you did have a sound nights sleep! Those days are exhausting, when everything seems just plain HARD! I'm glad you can find the positives in your days, especially with little sickies on your hands & a new born, it's not easy.. I hope today is a brighter one x

  6. I love this post Lauren.
    I don't love that you had a tough day but I love your honesty and your reality. I am struggling with the perfect image of mothering that so many blogs put out there. The reality is that some days are tough, some are boring, and some have us questioning everything. That doesn't make us bad mothers or unfit parents, it is just the truth and there is a good chance that you woke up this morning and the world looked a whole lot different. I hope so anyway.
    I wish you so, so many more good days than bad. I wish those owlets of yours speedy recoveries and I wish more honest, realistic parenting posts in blogland.
    Have a happy and fun weekend. XX

  7. Ah, Lauren. Kate's on the money. In all respects.

    I have these days all the time. Mothering three littlies is such hard work, let alone introducing the torment of sleep deprivation to the mix.

    Sending you fellow Hobart ♥♥♥ and empathising. J x

  8. Thankyou thankyou thankyou so much for writing this. This gig is damn hard, made even more so by the unspoken pressure to not speak of it, as if our ideals and values are made less authentic if we have to struggle through them like 'everybody else'. I hear you on your good days, and I hear you on your bad days too, and if the only village I have to offer you or seek from others is a pair of listening ears (or reading and empathising eyes), then they are yours :)

    Crap day here too, btw.


  9. Hope you had a better day today. Those early weeks are so difficult, especially after about week 3 when the blissfully sleepy bub 'wakes up' and becomes unsettled for a while, husband goes back to work and the frozen meal supply starts drying up (that's how I remember it anyway).

    Wishing you a gentle weekend Lauren, with naps x

  10. oh no! was that after the park!? my two were stuffed so I had a quiet afternoon for a change lol, not so for you by the sounds. Isnt a comfy bed an absolute must have for new mummas!?. I wonder if bubbas get 'daddy withdrawal'? I remember doing the same thing many times, handing baby to dadddy as he walked through the door and watching them promptly fall asleep contently xx


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