22 September 2011

harmony :: part two

 My creation

Last week it was Little Owlet needing some space to be heard, to sing loudest for once so we could find some harmony... Then by the weekend, we were hearing Big Owlet louder than ever. She needed space. She had a friend to sleep over and slept in the music room, as usual. But this time, when the sleepover was finished, Big Owlet asked to stay. Just another night. She wanted some space. We'd been talking about it for a while, noticing that she seemed to have transitioned into an older, more grown up self. Her play has changed. She's not as interested in the imaginative games of some of her younger friends, including Little Owlet. She still believes in faeries, and loves to dress up, but she tires of games easily. She's ready to start role playing real life situations and figuring out who she is right now. She's different to the Big Owlet who wanted clouds painted on her walls...

The owlets have moved in and out of each other's rooms on and off for years. We've moved their bunks in and out of each of the bedrooms, including ours, more than once. Always responding to what their particular needs were at the time. We've struggled daily with the mess of two individuals crammed into one small space. Every surface cluttered with their treasures and projects... It was time they each had a space to stretch out in. So, very slowly, we've begun to transform these rooms into spaces which reflect each of our bigger owlets and who they are. Everything has a place to fit and there seems to be harmony again.

Today, both of the bigger owlets had a head cold and snuggled in Big Owlet's bed all day. They're great mates. That won't change. But this time, I think, the move is permanent. For Big Owlet, it's time. Little Owlet looks quite small up on the top bunk, where Big Owlet once slept. She's waiting patiently until Tiny Owlet wants to join her in there... Some day. And then a whole new kind of song will be playing in our nest. I'm looking forward to hearing it.

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