13 September 2011


One of the first sounds I heard this morning as a little whiney voice at the end of my bed. Little Owlet has been feeling out of sorts. Wanting her voice to be heard a little louder. Little does she realise, her voice is often the one that rings the loudest in our nest. She's a complex sort and needs just a little extra nurturing most days. Of course, along with her complexity and sensitivity comes compassion and empathy and an awareness of her own needs. I love her for it, but gosh some days it drives me close to the edge... She's quite a lot like me. When I hear her whinging, I hear myself. 

Anyhow... back to me and the bed and this morning... I said to Huz that I didn't think I was up for a day of that little high pitched voice letting me know she wanted to be heard. Not today. So he said "She needs some attention. Some special time on her own. I'll take her to work with me." *sigh* Love that man. He was exactly right and that was exactly what she needed. Needless to say, they had a wonderful time...

So did I, with Big Owlet and Tiny Owlet. After a morning of nurturing Big Owlet in her most favourite way (sewing while Tiny slept), we headed into town for the library, lunch and laughs... 

It was so lovely to reconnect with Big Owlet again. We wandered hand in hand around town all day, like we used to when Little Owlet was snuggled on my back, rather than Tiny. And today, Big and Tiny played beautifully... 

When we all arrived back home, there was a certain sense of peace in our nest. Little Owlet still needed big cuddles and lots of mama time, but she was walking a little taller. Sounding a little happier. More content. As were all of us... A reminder that sometimes harmony happens when we each have a chance to be heard.

If you'd like to see what our days look like... I mean every minute of a regular, somewhat harmonious day, pop over to Dear Baby G tomorrow. I have a guest post there for her "What do you do all day long?" series. Thanks, Sarah! It was fun to take note of what I actually do!xx


  1. What a beautiful day for everyone. Love the mandala and peaceful tunes. I was never so lucky as to go to work with my parents, but my 2 older kids have been with their dad and they love it. Always great to get some one on one time with them.

  2. I find too that it is helpful when we juggle the kids around a bit:)
    Family dynamics can get into a bit of a rut. I love it when I get a chance to spend some real deep quality time with my older girls.
    By the way I love your daughter's style. Rainbow top, stripes and chunky necklace! Awesome combination.

  3. I love the video of Little Owlets day with Dad. Is it terrible that all I could think about that sand mandala was - I hope nobody sneezes!! It's amazing.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day together today now that Little Owlet has had some one-on-one attention and her little (big) voice heard.

  4. Ah, absolutely lovely. Your family's choices are exceptionally inspiring. Thank you.

  5. I loved this- your little owlet sounds like my middle bub. Xxx

  6. I absolutely loved this! She sounds like my oldest, by boy. Sometimes he really needs some one on one time.

    What a lovely husband you have. I thought mine was the best husband ever, but sadly his job doesn't allow for visitors. :(

    She looked like she had a great time. I wouldn't be able to resist the twisty chair.

  7. Ahhh, lovely post L.Been having some days like this with my middle guy too...I appreciate the reminder to centre and focus on the complex one in our family at this time. Always such a pleasure to read Mama Owlet. xx


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