29 September 2011

my creative space

My creative space this week consists of...

* Hair clips and onesies for an order for the Wilderness Society Shop. If you're in Hobart next week, pop in there and visit ;) I managed to make two hair clips at Brown Owls on Saturday. So Brown Owls may not be a space where I get heaps done, huh? Too much talking to do... You can read about the first Hobart Brown Owls meet here. It was excellent fun.

* More ric rac doll bits lying around. Need to get some more stuffing so we can continue.

* Choosing a project for me. Because it's most definitely time. Either a wrap skirt or a schoolhouse tunic.

* Knitting. This time, back to squares for Tiny's rug. Always knitting something.

* Planning gardens. Always planning. Looking forward to the actual gardening bit.

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  1. A project for yourself sounds lovely ~ I always find I'm at the bottom of the projects list! Have a great week!

  2. Your so busy - but I am guessing you like it that way:) Nice tho that you have put yourself on your project list:) Cyndy


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