14 September 2011

worldly wednesday :: Scotland

There's been sickness (again!) in our nest, so the travel has been every other week. This week, with enthusiasm dwindling, we visited Scotland very briefly. We read stories, watched documentaries and talked at greater length about our own Scottish heritage. We have at least four ancestors who've come out from Scotland.... During the week we realised much of our comfort food may have resembled theirs. Porridge for breakfast and neeps and tatties for dinner, with chicken sausages in lieu of haggis... seriously there was no way I was getting the owlets to eat that, but the snags enabled me to explain what haggis is about.

Afterwards, we had shortbread and dundee cake and tea with the teapot my great, great grandmother brought out from Scotland. I told the owlets a few family stories... some true, some questionable...

Huz showed the owlets a Sgian-dubh (sock dagger) he'd be given a long time ago.

Then we looked up our family's tartans, for the few clans among our ancestors. Big owlet decided to design one just for us. Rainbow tartan. Perfect.


  1. Oh I love that teapot!!!!! and also the family tartan, that's excellent! x

  2. How fabulous - Owlet Rainbow Tartan! Can't wait to see you all dancing around your swords with you're swinging Rainbow Tartan Kilts!!

    Hope you're all feeling better and enjoying some sunshine between the rainshowers today.

  3. I have to ask (sorry, Australian over here, so it's probably a silly question) but what are neeps and tatters?

    I love your teapot. And that you live somewhere close enough to pop over to Scotland for a few days. My biological father is Scotland, and while having literally zero interest in him, I've always been drawn to Scotland and have long dreamed of visiting and seeing hills of heather.

    Was pointed this way from a fan of yours on Twitter. Am already glad I clicked.


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