23 September 2011

things I know :: this is going too fast


Word is that this *may* be the last time we do this baby thing. So we're taking it slowly. Relishing almost every moment. Breathing in that lingering baby smell. Holding her a little longer... But it's flying by. Tiny is ten months old now. TEN (and a bit). And although I don't know what the future will bring, I do know that it will be here quickly and before long, she'll be opposite me drinking a banana milkshake and looking a little like this...


So gorgeous. Eyes full of love and smiles. But where did those five years go?

Babycino bubbles

Anyway, back to Tiny. Huz mentioned that I might want to blog the things *she* knows. Right now. Just so we remember all the cute.

* Babycinos are her favourite and her best. But mostly for blowing frothy bubbles across the table at everyone.
*When everyone is laughing, the right thing to do is join in. And slap your hand on the table. Cos it's probably the funniest thing ever.
* She can do laps of the coffee table, one handed, without pants. And she is FAST.
* Big sisters are hilarious. So is chasing them.
* Outside is the best place in the world.
* Steps are for going up. And down. And up. And down. And...
* An adult lying on the floor is an obstacle to be climbed over again and again.
* There are opportunities for peek-a-boo almost everyhere you look. 
* She can wave hello and bye-bye. And vaguely babble the words too.
* Sometimes when she's chatty, everything sounds like "Barbara".
* Saying "cuddle" prompts Tiny to snuggle into a shoulder. Or throw a tiny hand around our arm. This is designed to melt hearts.
* Saying "kiss" brings lip smacking and a muppet-like kissing action. Or a very wet, open mouthed face lick.
* Muppet-like kissing action with sucked in cheeks means "I'm a tad thirsty, I'd like some water out of my sippy water bottle please".
* Grabbing mama's top or slapping her chest with glee needs no further explanation.
* Cats are called "sss" (short for puss). Birds are called "bah". Dogs are also called "bah". It's all in the direction you point though.
* Pandy lives on the pelmet.
* Lights are up and cause one's neck to crane backwards and a funny grunt to come out.
* Sometimes dinner involves heavy breathing, and a trance like state. This translates to "compliments to the chef".
* Banana and rockmelon are not faves. Spicy food is totally ok though.
* A bowl on the floor means dinner's over.
* Sticking fingers in her ears means bedtime.
* Sleep time is over only when she's smiling. If she wakes up unhappy, she's not done. Feed back to sleep until happy face appears.
* Being strapped into anything (car seat, stroller, swing...) pretty much sucks. Unless we are moving. Then it's actually quite awesome.
* Mama's hip, or back is the best place to be.

Go see what everyone else knows over at Shae's and have a lovely weekend. xx


  1. Oh my, the tears of cuteness overload!!!! xxx

  2. This is a gorgeous post. The time sure does go by way too fast, we have to enjoy every bit..

  3. Love, love, love this post!

    I can see so much that Spencey does here, & I'm getting all weepy that this is my last throw of the baby dice too... *sniffle*

    ...but. When he is that big 5 year old drinking a banana milkshake, although I will lament the loss of my squishy baby, I WILL know that I enjoyed the hell out of being with him when he was still my wee one.

    If only we could stop in this moment for just... a... tiny... bit... longer....

  4. I read this and was so inspired. And your Tiny Owlet is so similar to mine! The stairs and the 'BAH'!

  5. That was just so damn cute. I hear you on the *may be last* baby thing too. My Wren is growing up too fast too. It's so bittersweet, this mama-ing, papa-ing.....the beauty of them growing up but always letting go. Tiny is so very adorable.xxx

  6. It's a little sad with the "last" baby isn't it? My third is also 10 months. It's such a delightful age, but also a reminder that they will soon be a toddler. Loved your house pics in the last post too.


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