18 September 2011

made with love


I love creating things. First the concept, then the colours and the pattern. I love mixing things up and seeing what works and especially working with things I've found along the way. As I create, I think about who it's for (because it's never for me)... I imagine their reaction when they receive it. I hope they will love it. As I do. And love that it was made for them, with what little time I have, and with love.

Yesterday I received a message from someone who did not like what I made for them. From the outset, the process was difficult. Communication was a major problem. They expected something different to what they received, despite my best efforts to make the process and the end result clear to them, and understand their expectations... Actually what they received wasn't at all what they thought it would be. And they expected it sooner than I, or the postie could get it to the other side of the world... They were unhappy. They were twisting the truth. And this time there as no mistaking what they were trying to say. Funny how the messages we deliver are often clearer when they are written in anger and people are direct. To the point of rudeness. I now have a big black mark against my clear record of happy customers. It just doesn't seem to be in the spirit of handmade.

Yesterday left a bad taste in my mouth. I learnt lots (SO MUCH!), but it never feels nice to be spoken to like that, to be misrepresented, without recourse... And it might be a while before I feel like making something for someone I don't know so well... I'm thinking on it... Actually, I'm super keen to make things for the ones I love best. Including myself. Because I think it's about time...

Ever had a negative response from someone you've made something for? How did it make you feel? How did you move past it? Ever have something made for you that wasn't what you'd hoped? How did you respond? Hope you've had a lovely weekend. xx


  1. oh no, what a bad experience!
    i bet that what you made was made with love and unfortunately sometimes some people just are the way they are.

    hope that you continue to make your beautiful creations with love.
    hugs ♥

  2. UGH. Double UGH. A pet fear of mine is when a brief is lost in translation or miscommunication. I understand your reaction, totally. I also get how much joy those you love (and you) would have from you-made stuff. Just don't keep the rest of the world waiting too long, huh?

  3. ohhh I'm so sorry to hear that Lauren. Sometimes people get caught up in the little things and just need to take a step (or four) back and then they'll see how unreasonable they're being.. And just when I was going to contact you ! I'll pop you an email anyway, but no pressure. hope this doesn't put you off creating your beautiful things. x

  4. Oh Lauren, I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. It's awful when communication just isn't working, and you go into it knowing that it's not ideal for either of you.

    FWIW, the items that I have purchased from you, are wonderful! So well-made, and have lasted through 2 babies, and another to come - and still in immaculate condition.

  5. Such a yucky experience, I'm so sorry someone treated you like that, I feel sick thinking about it being done to you so can't imagine what it's like for you xoxo

    Please know that your creations are divine. Everyone loves Ms Nell's lil suit...Harri gets very excited when Nell wears it: "Its her godmotherjuls Loz one!" she squeals hehe.

    You're wonderful. I hope you don't feel shaken for too long. I think the true strength of an artist lies in their ability to ignore the criticism, creating without fear anyway. The world may not deserve your art, but it certainly needs it!

  6. don't let the snappy yucky people of the world stop you creating. I bet you've had many more wonderful things said about your creations, focus on those comments and carry on. Some people there is no pleasing, just bad manners.


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