3 September 2011


My creation

We had busy day out garage saleing again now spring is here and people are decluttering again. The owlets are all better, although Tiny Owlet still needed some rest, so the car was the perfect remedy... Along with her first babycino and cake for lunch!

Mini me tais

A little quiet time later on, while the owlets played and snoozed, meant I finished this custom order of two mini mei tais. My trusty husky will be taking a little breather as she's been a bit crotchety. I think a visit to a day spa will do her the world of good... I'll be closing custom orders for a little bit while she rests and opening a new shop upon her return! But enough of that talk for now... It's Father's Day tomorrow, so I'm on morning duty while Huz sleeps in. Nigh- night! xx

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  1. Sounds like a happy weekend so far. I'm on duty too tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x


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