6 September 2011

how now brown owl?


Years ago, when I hadn't lived in Hobart long, didn't know many peeps, felt like I was on holidays... I missed creating with people. Having just left a design studio to work from home, suddenly creating was a whole lot quieter. Then I discovered blogging and found my way to Pip's. Not long after, she began a craft group called Brown Owls. I was sad that it hadn't been around when I was in Melbourne. Sad that it wasn't in Hobart... I joined up as a Faraway member. Pip sent me a kit with some stitchy work to do. That's it in the picture above. I never started it, but I liked the idea of it and I lived vicariously through the blogosphere...

Then I discovered Crafternoon. I think one afternoon a friend mentioned it and I googled and found Bec who invited me along for a crafternoon or two at her place and a gallery exhibition and some things thrown on a table at a market and before long here I was with regular market stalls and an etsy shop..! I think craft groups are good. They're an excellent way to meet other creative types, learn new things, multitask... See? I can talk and create and drink tea and eat cake! They're great for building community and making sure you set aside time to do something you love.... So Crafternoon ended and I miss it. And other crafty groups haven't been on at a time suitable for me, with three owlets in tow, or a tiny owlet needing me nearby at night... And many of my friends are in a similar boat. So, Hobart. We are about to have our very own Brown Owls group. Yay!

I've found us a perfect little clubhouse with space for a sewing machine or three and room for sitting and knitting, or crocheting, or whatever your thing is. It's located in a playground so if owlets need to tag along, they can, and they'll have a lovely time too. Our first meeting is at the end of the month. It's all just a little bit exciting!

If you'd like to join in too, check out the facebook group for Hobart Brown Owls here.
Or the Brown Owls Worldwide Clubroom here.
Or the Brown Owls Members Blog here.
Or follow the Brown Owls Twitter account here.
Or you can send me a message and I'll let you know when and where.

If you're not in Hobart, maybe you'd like to look up your local Brown Owls? Or do you have another crafty group you're part of? Or maybe craft's not your thing at all....


  1. I've just joined the FB group - I am so so excited about this!

  2. I'm with a vegie group which involves cake and chatting and I just adore it. Your brown owl group sounds divine, hope you get lots of crafters.

  3. I wonder which season it will be when I have my first Brown Owl afternoon with you?


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