5 September 2011

unschool monday :: sunshine


Spring has crept in. We hired a gardener last week to help us find our lawn and afterwards, the owlets crept out like little faeries, cartwheeling with delight. The next day there was sunshine and they spent the entire day outside. They set up camp, as we always do, with a rug and cushions.

Then I took out a box of ribbons and they decorated their sun hats and a hoop and watched the ribbons flow in the breeze as they ran. Yay! Spring!


Then they visited the neighbour and came home with a huge bag of potatoes, and a plank of wood. They asked Huz to drill a hole and tie the plank to a tree and they had a swing. Then they pulled out forgotten bits and pieces of equipment... They set up the totem tennis, built a see-saw, made cubbies in the broad beans...


The owlets built a playground. And played all day. Mother nature took over the job of facilitating their learning in the garden... While they were there they worked with measurement, counting, space, balance, thought about gravity, inertia... They were archaeologists and cooks. They recited poems, made up plays, wrote in chalk, drew and made their on musical instruments. They invented an obstacle course for us to explore their space...


They reluctantly came indoors when the sun went down. And slept like logs. Goodness I'm glad to see Spring again!


  1. We've had some gloriously Spring-y days here in the last week also. It's refreshing. I do love the turn of the seasons, it always feels like such perfect timing after a good few months of the "other" season... I always feel ready for change by the time the weather turns.


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