29 September 2011

tiny dancer

When we first thought about having owlets, Huz and I agreed, one of the main reasons was humor. While there are plenty of moments which are decidedly unfunny, we have certainly noticed an increase in unpredictable humor around the nest. A constant source of laughs is Tiny Owlet. And doesn't she know it?


Her current *thing* is dancing. Every time she climbs up on something (another *thing* sigh...), or grabs something she was after, or eats something she likes, or gets the joke, or sees something fun, or hears music... She celebrates through dancing. Usually a little bobbing up and down or a body rock. Her music of choice is daft punk. But anything will get her going. The face cracks and her whole body breaks out in a smile.


When was the last time you danced for joy? I think I might try it tomorrow. Just for fun. It looks like fun, doesn't it? xx


  1. I think the job of the third child is to make the rest of us laugh. We call Miss pepper puppy, she is so keen to entertain and make us laugh. Love that last shot.

  2. love the informal boogie. and pink hot pants. the combo is divine on wee people, not sure am game at my age though...
    x ashley

  3. How much do I love dancing around the loungeroom with the kids!! Last time was a few weeks ago - Hang On by Smashmouth at the closing credits of Cat in the Hat! We boogied baby!

    Oh, and little owlet is too cute - almost enough to make me want another one...almost!

  4. your tiny owlet knows a thing or two. i do love dancing and dancing for joy is one of life's biggest pleasures! Dancing also has the great way of making you happy or changing your mood, if I start dancing when I'm sad or something, i end up smiling and happy.
    and it does make cleaning a lot more fun! try it. xo

  5. Great choice in music Tiny Owlet. I like Daft Punk too.

  6. Have been dancing with the 2 year old every day this week. She's mad for music at the moment and has all the moves. Don't you love them for all the goofy joy they bring.


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