1 October 2011

blogtober :: day one :: sugarfree

Berry rice... #sugarfree

Here we go again!! Wheee!! Another Blogtoberfest... one post every day for the month of October. I'm feeling quietly confident, although I have felt an element of apathy creep into my days. Apathy always reminds me of the Physics teacher at my school, Dr. Pepper. He invented the Apathy Cup, to be handed to the most apathetic student each year. It had ICBB (I can't be bothered) inscribed on it. He was frustrated that it seemed that rewards seemed to be the only thing that motivated people. I'm not sure if it had the effect he was after... But I do remember... I think perhaps he was frustrated a the lack of interest girls at my school felt in learning, contributing and making a difference. He was joking. Not really.  I'm pretty sure the girls at my school felt an overwhelm, felt tired, felt powerless... As you might when you are part of an authoritarian system that is based on rewards, and you have a whole heap of work and social angst thrust upon you... Sometimes apathy just means you need some space to gather your strength and thoughts, perhaps? Maybe you need some support, because it's just too much to tackle alone? Maybe it means you need to begin again? Start over? Whoah... This post just got all heavy.

Today, we are going sugarfree in the owlet nest. Again. The last time we did it in earnest, we lasted about five months. Huz and I felt amazing. Huz glowed. He frowned less. He saw colours brighter. Seriously. I just felt really, really well. And then Tiny crept on board and cravings for all manner of weird sweet things crept in and we fell way off the wagon. But now, the time is right, we have some supportive buddies doing it too, and we are starting again.

So let me clarify what we are doing... No REFINED sugar. Cos that's the white powder we are addicted to. They don't call it kiddie cocaine for nothing. That stuff is addictive. And it's in almost everything we buy at the supermarket. There's a reason for that, of course ;) We're giving up white flour too, because it hurts our guts. Big Owlet and I especially. So sugar/white flour free means making more stuff from scratch. Being conscious of our food choices. Less take away. I'm going to need MamaBake for help with that one. And my old friends, rapadura and honey for the hard days. For cravings, we're well stocked with chromium supplements, which seriously helped last time. I expect that within 2-4 weeks, our palates will have changed so that foods we would have previously tolerated are too sweet and we'll be relying on non-refined sweeteners less. At least that's what happened last time. I think it really, truly is going to be the best summer ever. xx


I've had the following two resources recommended to me... I may follow up on them if I feel the need for a little support... if that apathy creeps in.

Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar" eBook
Sweet Poison by David Gillespie

PS. I'm eating Berry Rice for breakfast. Brown rice and a handfull of frozen berries, thrown in the rice cooker, drizzled with milk, and a tiny bit of honey. Baby steps.

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  1. Hey Lauren, good on you for going the sugar cut - its hard work but the results of a cleaner healthier body are worth all the cravings. I hope you dont mind but I too will blog about my the sweet poison leaving my body. I was going to start Monday, but after reading S. Wilson's 8 wk program I decided to start today. I'm on my 5th cup of green tea!Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts each day. Cin xx


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