21 October 2011

day 21 :: one last thing... (a giveaway)

bird t

I couldn't go to bed without announcing the winner of last week's giveaway... And starting up a new one! It is blogtober after all!! And, I'm down a couple of posts this week, so a catch up won't hurt ;)

So. The winner... thanks to random.org (and well chosen, I must say), is Georgi! Bravo!! Georgi keeps a lovely blog of her writings and musings and favourite music... which is most of our favourite music too. So it's a good thing she's won Huz's music pack... She tells me she has lots of tiny owlets on the way in her circle, so it's a good thing she's won a baby t-shirt too! Happy Friday Georgi!

Next week, I'll be giving away the lovebird t-shirt above, plus whatever goodies I can find. Maybe a matching hat, or a vintage knitting pattern, or some buttons, or fabric, or maybe I'll make something extra? Let's wait and see... What you have to do is leave a comment here, and on another comment later in the week. Then meet me back here Friday night and I'll draw the winner. Simple. Look forward to seeing you around! xx


  1. oh my goodness, thank you! made my day :-) x

  2. Wow! What a beautiful t-shirt. Always love your blog, and looking forward to returning later in the week for more!

  3. You had me at vintage knitting pattern <3

  4. I like this post...free stuff, yay! But seriously, I like your free stuff...I mean blog. It's always lots of fun :)


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