22 October 2011

my place and yours :: my pincushion

At my very first crafternoon, I made this pincushion. I ran my eye over a few tutorials, grabbed some Japanese fabric scraps and sewed them in a circle. I grabbed a couple of buttons and some embroidery floss on my way out the door and shoved them in my bag. I was a bit nervous turning up at Bec's house. I didn't know anyone there... and I hadn't made anything in ages! I was still working from home as a sock designer then, but making stuff with my hands was something I'd not done much of since uni. When I arrived, I felt like I walked into a bunch of people who had the ease of a group who'd known each other for a long time... well, they had. But they were welcoming, and lovely, and I made that wonky looking pincushion that day.

Now it sits next to my sewing machine where owlets pull the pins out and group their colours, or organise them by shade, use them to count and spell out words. But it's a good size, super handy and I love the wonk factor. My pincushion often joins me on outings too. Especially Brown Owls where I'll be heading next Saturday. If you're in Hobart, perhaps you might come too? Even if you don't know anyone there and haven't made anything for the longest time... Maybe you might like to make something as simple and perfectly wonky as my pincushion?

I'm playing along with Punky & Me today. Head over to there to see more pincushions. xx

PS. If you're in the Geelong area, you may want to check out the brand new Brown Owls group Vic's setting up. I bet it will be super awesome!


  1. "Wonk factor". Love it. Have a use for that phrase often!

    Ah. The nervousness of joining new groups. I find it awful and exciting all at the same time.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I may have to join the nervousness and excitement.

  3. If you were nervous just turning up, imagine the nerves of the the person helping to set the bloody thing up!!! (I'm faking it 'till I make it. And taking deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths...)

    Thanks for the linkage, Mama.

    Now, your wonky pincushion. So. Cute.

    You are! And Sentimental, yes? I bet you look at that some days now, when you've whipped up something special for one of the owlets, & smile, thinking "And I was so nervous then!".

    I love that it's a good size, nothing worse than trying to find some free space in a teeny pincushion!

    Thanks for playing along again this week, I am enjoying this all much more the second time around...!

  4. Nothing really beats a wonky pincushion , just lovely !

  5. what a great back story! glad it's still serving you well!

  6. Love the fabric and I enjoyed reading about the story behind your pincushion too.

  7. We have similar pin cushions and I also wrote about my daughter playing with the pins. Yours is cooler though, because you made it yourself. Wonk factor wins!

  8. Oh what a great little pin-cushion!love the red thread and fab fabric.
    looking at all the posts on wonderful handmade cushions im feeling a little ashamed i havn't actually ever made one!! next rainy day........


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