19 October 2011

summer dreaming...


I missed a day yesterday. We had our first ever unschool/natural learners co-op meet and it was an awesome, huge day. Lots of organising and thinking to bring it together, and I hope it'll be a regular fixture of our weeks. A lovely day in the sunshine, flying kites with beautiful families... Owlet heaven.


It was also the first beautifully sunny day we've had in a while. Today I'm sporting a lovely pink glow and that stinging heat that lets you know summer is upon us. Any minute now. I've mentioned before that it will be the best summer ever for our little family, right? Here's why...


Huz has been rewarded for his long years saving the planet with three months long service leave. This means almost 100 days of summer. Not the movie, but actual real life. Him, me and three owlets + 100 days free of a daily grind...


And we plan to be right here. In our own little pocket of paradise. Getting the nest in order... exploring the water at the end of the street... maybe a camping trip or two... just one, long, slow summer. I can't wait.


  1. WOW! One. Hundred. Days. Imagine that potential!

    (off to try and work out how to be really - not self- employed...)

  2. Oh how absolutely fabulous that will be! Have a brilliant time. When does it begin?

  3. Oh my goodness, how amazing will 100 days of summer be! Love the picnic blanket pic, a perfect moment. We are feeling summer up this end of Tassie too, and it feels gooood :)

  4. Yay to a looooooong lovely summer!

    And I really love that first pic - you captured the day perfectly.

    Sel xxx

  5. Yay for a 100 day Summer!
    I can't wait for Summer to get here it has been cold and not even very Springy!

    xo Jen

  6. I am jealous! Enjoy that time and share with us?


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