23 October 2011

week :: ending


Making :: plans for what to do over the best summer ever... Water! Plotting and planning and making it happen. Credit card debt or no...  Making the most of the water at the end of the street. Too cold for swimming, perfect for paddling.

Comforting :: Big Owlet as she recovered from a serious case of post-show overindulgence. Not exactly sure whether it was the additives or sugar, but she was sick! And learned a very valuable lesson. I hope.
An interesting bump on the road to self regulation.

Eating :: Our favourite dessert. Strawberries and whipped cream, with a dash of maple syrup. Simple. Amazing.


Listening :: to Wilco's newish album. I love Wilco. The owlets are listening to Dolly Parton. We love her too.

Watching :: Huz play support at Cilla Jane's Hobart gig. Tiny Owlet's first pub gig. She spent it wriggling and feeding as only an 11 month old can... Then Big Owlet and her best mate hopped up on stage for a quick performance. Totally improvised. Totally awesome. Cilla was excellent too, but we missed the majority of her performance due to one tired baby.

Reading :: Oodles of Dr Seuss and Mr Men to Little Owlet as she takes interest in reading... here we go again!

I hope your weekend was exciting too! xx


  1. Ah - Wilco. I have missed an album or two. They were one of the last bands I saw live pre-baby. They were sublime. Jeff Tweedy just keeps getting better.
    Love that canoe/kayak thingy!! Perfect for cold water!

  2. Sounds like a really lovely weekend!


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