28 October 2011

flea market finds :: last weekend's haul

We've had a couple of good weeks at garage sales and op shops... It's the perfect time of year for it, as Huz pointed out. Long enough away from Christmas, just right for spring cleaning. We've actually found ourselves at the garage sales and oppys completely by chance, just wandering by. We've scored the usual games and books for owlets, but here are a couple of extra bits that have filled our nest with lovely :)


Oppy finds

I must say, the dresses are my faves. Little owlet looks so perfectly vintage and so completely at home in the red dress. And the pinny for Tiny is by Catimini. Nothing like finding French designer clothing at the tip shop... Why would you throw that in the bin?

You can find more flea market finds over at Her Library Adventures.

Now, because it's Friday night... and Blogtoberfest, it's time to announce the winner of last week's giveaway.... Tartankiwi! You have won the little love bird long sleeved t-shirt and a little something extra. A surprise... I'll spend some time over at yours this weekend and have a think about what you might like and get in touch. Thanks all for playing along with my weekly giveaways this month. It's been a pleasure getting to know some of you a little better. xx


  1. Looooove the case. I am after all, a sucker for vintage luggage. And the wee brown dress? Adore.

  2. If only that case could talk... I wonder where it has travelled...

  3. How did I miss this!?! Thank you so much :-)


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