15 October 2011

my place and yours :: on the shelf


I was happy to see that Vic's second-hand meme is back at her place this week. I enjoyed playing along with it when it first began, so it'll be nice to join in again. My shelf is the mantelpiece in the lounge room and, along with the squashed tomato, blob of blu-tack, lego, CDs and hair clip, you'll see this little collection of red and orange... vase and bowl were my Nana's, the small red vase and other glass ornaments were gifts from friends and the coaster set was a garage sale find. Behind them you'll see a Cat Rabbit print - which I've still not found a permanent home for.

My creation

In the centre of the mantelpiece is a row of frames. Photos of Big and Little Owlet, with their first shoes. I gave this to Huz for Christmas a few years ago and he came over all misty eyed...

Next to the frames, is a group of wooden dolls Huz gave me for Christmas, also a couple of years ago (I wonder what was there before?)... I rather like them. The owlets do too and they get re-arranged from time to time as they play.

What's happening at your place this weekend? xx


  1. I love everything on your shelf!

    I have to ask though - where is the other shoe...?! I wonder if I could scrounge up Punk's first shoes... (or, ahem... shoe...)

    It's so nice to have a little adult shelf with beautiful things on it, preferably out of the short people's reach. I like my mantelpiece for that reason; everything doesn't have to be child-safe & isn't covered in sticky fingerprints...

    Thanks for playing along, I am stoked with the response my long-lost meme has had today & I've been remembering how fun it is to visit all the players (& snoop around on their shelves..).

  2. Oh I love it all too but oh your orange glass collection is fantastic. I have an orange vase on my shelf that I adore. Your frames are beautiful too. What a sweet memory.

  3. I'm loving all the red glass. So beautiful. And to have something of your Nan's - very precious for sure.

  4. I'd also love to know where the other shoe is! LOL
    Gorgeous collections.

  5. Is that a Colin Heaney vase?
    Love how your dried hydrangeas fit the colour scheme, gorgeous!
    I think I might join in with this meme!
    Enjoy your Sunday, we are playing in the garden this morning then an afternoon of baking and curry making for dinner.

  6. Such cute first shoes they are! And all the red is great.

  7. Swooning over all that gorgeous glass, Lauren! The colors, the shapes...sweet!


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