21 October 2011

showing off


We spent a lovely day at the show today... Just an easy, simple, fun day. Each owlet was armed with an amount of money to spend as they wished, which allowed for a certain flow and meant they didn't ask for more, and more, and more... Unlike previous years, we didn't need to say no, or limit their experience, rather, they worked within their own limits, and did it quite well. No tears, no complaints, just happy owlets. I'm still somewhat amazed. Can you tell? Tiny slept most of the time, and we just wandered along...

As you can see, the owlets stuck with their commitment not to be sugarfree and indulged in lollies that painted their tongues every colour of the rainbow. And there were rides and a showbag and lunch... Everything I remember the show to be. We marvelled at the craft, saw every animal and for the first time, Little Owlet wasn't afraid... except for the cattle pavillion. Some of those cows were BIG! But Little Owlet was ok, on Huz's shoulders.... She even managed her first ever pony ride. Something she's wanted for so long, but has been too afraid of, until now. Huge stuff and happy times. Hope your Friday was fun too. xx


  1. Yay! Such fun! We still haven't been - maybe tomorrow!

    Sel xxx

  2. What a great day. The show is fun for littles!

    xo Jen

  3. That's a great idea about giving them their money and then saying this is it. Love it.


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