9 October 2011

Huz and the glowing inner orb of golden light :: sugarfree :: day 9


I mentioned before how when we first went sugar free, we felt better than ever. Huz noticed the change most dramatically, having indulged more than any of us. The extent of his indulgence is not something he discloses when sugar is part of his day, such is the extent of his attachment to it. Last time, he glowed. People noticed it. They commented. Lots. His glow became known as the glowing inner orb of golden light. It had a name. He felt so good that he smiled more. He was a calmer parent (this is helpful). He saw more colours than he had before - seriously! Imagine that!

Anyhow, we're at day 9 of our current sugarfree stint and the glowing inner orb is returning... Speaking to Mum on the phone during the week, she noticed it. He sounded lighter. Happier. His mind is clearer. Physically, his face is less puffy, his skin clearer. Incredible stuff! Can you see it there? His glowing inner orb? Here's a man up at 8 am on a Sunday morning, making butter, in his pyjamas, grinning at goodness knows what and glowing with happiness. I love that! We're now realising that this sugarfree lifestyle is not just a 30 day challenge, as it was when we began. It's a way of life for us now.


As to the butter... how beautifully simple. This morning there was no butter for toast. But there was a jar, marbles and a small bottle of organic cream... Butter! And a spring activity crossed off my list of things to do with Little Owlet, who's obsessed with all things farm related right now. She's decided home made butter is the best ever.

Sunday night #sugarfree

Alongside our Sunday indulgence... Wholemeal chocolate rapadura brownies, with cream. This is the kind of sugarfree life I'm very comfortable with ;)


  1. changes in diet really do make a difference! having just gone vegan i'm loving the way its making me feel - more energy, less bloated and more happy! good for you! x

  2. You have to share this brownie recipe! How did you go sugar-free? I mean, did you get rid of all sugar from the house or put it aside in a cupboard somewhere?

  3. Love that butter!
    I'm starting to feel good too without the sugar. It's in almost everything!

  4. Your huz looks a lot healthier than the vlogger of a couple of weeks back. Inspiring stuff (maybe I should let my huz put that rapadura in his coffee after all).

    I am very impressed about the butter. I am also moreso impressed by the brownie. YUMMO!!!

  5. the light is blinding! Oh man I love sugar, just went to a birthday filled with wonderful treats - would be so hard to say no. Still, to attain the glow....

  6. YES! Sugar free is where it's at. I find my depression literally lifts if I don't include sugar in my diet. Hurrah for you folk, I'm so pleased you're at it again, I remember nodding along to your posts the last time you went sugar free :)

  7. Do you have any sugar free recipes to share - or any good links to websites? Do you exclude sugar entirely or use substitutes? Having just made a big batch of Lemon Curd (with sugar) this is something that we can't do at the moment but would love to try at some stage.

  8. Put him on the rocky edge of Tasmanian -enough healthy glow there to warn the ships of the rocks.
    Yay! Here is to health and vitality

  9. Hi, isn't rapdura just sugar? As is agave syrup? I've been fructose-free the last few months, and it definitely is the way to go. I use dextrose (glucose) for cooking and baking, and Rice Malt Syrup for sweetening as well. These are fructose-free. Have you read Sweet Poison by David Gillespie?

  10. Love home made butter. Although the first time I made it was by accident when I over whipped cream for my mum when i was about 9 years old!

  11. Wow, this is such a brilliant idea (the sugar free diet... AND home churned butter!)

    I like the idea of an inner light :)


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