2 October 2011

day two :: food :: sugarfree - part two


It's serious business, this sugar free caper. So far so good. Yesterday, after breakfast, we headed out in search of yummy, healthy food to replace the sweet. See, the key, we've found is if we occupy ourselves with food that we feel good about eating, we don't miss the food we feel bad about eating quite so much. It's all about nurture, rather than deprivation. So we took our time, went slightly over budget and shopped organic and local where possible. The big bag of rocket at the front was ripped out of the ground with our own hands, at the local organic co-op. There are supplies there to last us  over a week. Some will keep us going for  while. Some are for Huz's birthday cake on Tuesday... All make us feel great. The owlets loved seeing it all out like this and although they aren't completely joining us in our no-sugar challenge, they get it and are learning about food and where it comes from. Even just the extra time spent choosing lovely, local, organic food has sparked an interest. For me, a shift to higher protein, lower carbs, makes my body sing. Now if I can just get wee bit more sleep, I'll be feeling brilliant!

Hope your weekend was great and you are feeling well and ready for a new week too! xx


  1. This looks the total opposite to those revolting weight loss programs where they spread out what some poor overweight soul ate in a week. Doesn't it look wonderful!?!

    On another note I am thrilled to see you are reading The Giant Jam Sandwich. It was my absolute favourite as a child and I have been keeping my eye out in the second hand stores for a copy for ages. On our next visit to your nest I should very much like to have a read and reminisce if I may :)

  2. That all looks amazingly lovely.
    I can't wait to see what you will make. Following your journey!

  3. I'm finding this so inspiring Lauren!

    I have a serious sugar addiction (along with others :s) that I'd just kind of put in the 'too hard' basket. But I'll be reading along and bookmarking... There's hope yet :)

  4. what a beautiful space you have here. Coming over to say 'hello' from Blogtoberfest.

  5. You know I love this!!! Blog the cake? Or a wee pic?

  6. That just looks so, so, good.
    Good luck with the sugar-free. I've not been brave enough to do that...one day.


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