14 October 2011

day 14 :: motoring along :: a giveaway

car top

This year has flown. Can you believe that Tiny Owlet is eleven months old tomorrow? Where did that time go? This week has motored along and for all the moments where I wished that Friday would be here soon... here it is. And now I would like time to go slowly. Until Monday please. Snail's pace would be perfect, thanks...

Anyhow, here we are, Friday night again and it's giveaway time here! Last week I asked you to comment on my rather lengthy blatherings on the nature of blogs and comments. Thanks so much, everyone, for your responses. I wasn't trying to make it a love fest about me, but gosh thanks for your lovely comments. It was so lovely to find out who you all were! So many of my favourite people! Thanks also for your thoughts on how blogging and commenting works for you. I've not made it around to everyone's blogs yet. Wednesday onward is a blur for me, but I'm hoping, if time stops for a moment tonight, I'll have a chance.

Now tell me, when you read replies to your comments, do you go back to the blog to read them, or do you prefer an email reply from the blogger? I've personally always loved getting a personal response from the blogger themselves. Very exciting if it's a fave blogger! But that may just be me. And possibly Vic, who wrote about it earlier in the week. She has some tips for how to set your profile so you get those personal replies.

Ok, so cutting to the chase... Last week's giveaway winner was the lovely Tania. She has a beautiful blog. I'm going to go soak some of it up after popping the owlets to bed. She's won a little garden skirt for her own tiny owlet, who's around about the same age as my Tiny! Or, possibly she'll give it to a friend?

This week I'm offering a little long sleeved t-shirt. Beautiful organic cotton, natural colour, with the felt car applique shown above. Also thrown in will be Huz's music pack, including his 1st CD and downloadable second album. He might even sign it. And I may have a look around and find something else too... So to enter, the just leave a comment below and then come back later in the week and comment on another post. Easy! Then, before you know it, the week will have motored along and we'll be sitting here next Friday night and hopefully you'll have won something! Now wouldn't that be a lovely start to the weekend? xx


  1. mmm tshirts! im surrounded with special people on the way to gift them to. xo

  2. haha, as my boys would say - easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    I read the comment on the blog, but I don't mind either way. I can't remember now if I have my email visible or not...Hmm will have to look!

  3. That's one super cute car applique!

    I think I would prefer email reply to a comment...

  4. Cute shirt!
    I love to get an email and try to respond by email to everyone who leaves a comment on my blog. I like to feel I am having a conversation with the person, especially if they are a favourite blogger.
    Jen xox

  5. Hi Lauren

    I meant to comment on your 'comment post' but forgot. So here's my contribution!

    I posted about the whole commenting malarkey at http://www.lifeonplanetbaby.com/2011/02/tutorial-handling-comments-and-email.html - I hope that helps someone!

    J x

  6. I CAN believe how quickly the time has flown by, you know it!

    Starting to get all freaked out about the imminent first birthday... *sniff sniff*

    Hey, you know what would be funny? If you tried to reply to this & I was all "no reply blogger". I am tempted to go do that, just for a laugh, but I would forget to change it back... ;)

  7. Tania is amazing, such lovely pics. Those babies grow sooo fast. Another beautiful creation. I often subscribe to the post comments so I can see a follow up to a comment/question I may have made.

  8. If I'm attached to getting a reply to my comment I'll subscribe. Otherwise, I've left the comment for the blogger, not for me iykwim? I know how hard it can be to reply to all comments (if you get lots).

  9. I very very rarely go back to a post to see if a blogger has replied and I never subscribe to the follow up comments.

    I love email replies and the conversations that can arise as a result of them. I think that this personal interaction is the way that bloggy friendships are formed (some of my greatest friends are bloggers!)

    That said, I respect that not everyone likes the email response. I recently replied to a comment left by somebody visiting via a bloghop. I received a short sharp response asking me to go look at her blog (I already had, but nothing appealed so I hadn't left a comment!) The email response left me unwilling to go back again- how rude!

  10. Totally in agreement that I would love to get time to slow down between Friday evening and Monday morning. The weeks seem so long and then the weekends just fly right by.

    If I've left a comment that I would like to know what other people have to say, I will go back to blog to check. Though a nice personal message from the blogger would be nice.

    It's also nice to know how most people feel so I can make the change to my own blog!

  11. I love the car. My favourite colours are orange and blue - yellow is petty good too:) My grandson would love it.

  12. Congrats to Tania!
    And yay to the t-shirt!

  13. I am in snailpace all the time, that is just me - not being weird - but being not the 100% I wish I could be. Or the 50% that would also be fine.

    Anyway: I am an addict of long sleeves a few of them are indeed made of organic cotton. That is the way to go. Too bad it isn't in blue. And yes: that is just me being weird ;-)

    Want to know more about my blue worldwide online art project? Take a look at www.BlueMarkForME.com.

    Have a nice day all! Ciao, Fleur (Fleur @ BlueMarkForME.com)

    BTW - Love the blog!

  14. Just found your blog and love it. very cute shirt.

  15. Gosh, I've been meaning to comment on this post all week, and now it's Friday already! I hope I've just managed to get in in time for the draw ;-)

    I like to get a notification of a response to any comments - so a personal response is lovely when it happens, and I only tend to know about it if I'm notified, as so often I forget which ones to check back on!

    Sel xxx


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