8 October 2011

weekending... so far


Drinking chai.
Wearing new slippers, purchased on organic/wholefoods grocery jaunt last week.
Giggling at the bourgeois hippiedom of it all.


Loving colour. Lots of it.
Learning about buddhism and wilderness gardening.


Listening to Feist's new album. And a thunderstorm.
Watching Tiny Owlet explore music and respond to it. Usually with a funny dance and a cheeky grin.


Eating sugar free. Still. And feeling good for it. Not missing it, but finding my food cravings have changed. The owlets, as you can see, are choosing not to be sugar free. At home they eat what we provide (sometimes), but out, they choose to indulge. And they are noticing the effect it has on them. Hearing their bodies loud and clear. A good thing, I think.


Sewing bits and pieces for a shop order. Putting birds on things... the usual.
Planning what's next. 

Thanks to everyone who who responded to yesterday's post. Its been great to read what you all think and how commenting works (or doesn't) for you. It was quite validating to know that I'm not alone in my observations. I'm still quite happy if you're too busy to comment, but happy to read. Didn't want to guilt trip any peeps. But I would rather like to support more conversation and community here if you'd like to get involved, suggest stuff, ask questions, just chat... Hope your weekend is lovely, so far. xx


  1. What an absolutely lovely weekend happening down your way!

  2. What a delightful lot of pictures of your weekend. Loved the first photo especially - it speaks of what a weekend should be!


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