1 June 2011

worldly wednesday :: Canada


I was fearing this one ever so slightly. After a friend talked about the wonders of Poutine a while back... Chips with fried cheese curds and gravy. Traditional French Canadian fare. A signature dish. Gulp. When our random number generator selected Canada as our country of the week, we weren't quite sure what we'd get up to. It seemed that the lifestyle there isn't too dissimilar from our own. Aside from Poutine. And bears.


Actually Huz's Poutine was quite yummy. And once we'd overcome that hurdle, we relaxed into an evening of listening to our favourite music... The vast majority of our music collection is Canadian, so it felt just like a regular Saturday night. Then we watched some Anne of Green Gables and Degrassi... And thanks to the internet, took a little journey into Inuit territory and the lives of indigenous Canadians. And we discovered there was plenty to talk about.


Then a plate of waffles with maple syrup, a look at the flag and the landscape and we were ready for a bedtime story. A pleasant trip in a busy week and we may just come back again some day. After a piece of fruit.


  1. You need to create a sweat tent and eat Smores :)

  2. I love your travelling days, Lauren! They are really, really inspiring. We're on a huge travel bent too these days—my boy is planning a future trip 'round the world; we're talking about and looking up countries constantly, looking up architecture and artists, watching documentaries with Michael Palin, and so on. Now I want to add some amazing food, and music and it'll be 'complete' (until you suggest another awesome idea, and we run with that too!)

    I'm glad you had fun in Canada (and I hope you've managed to digest everything). I can't wait to see where we go next week! Thanks so much, Lauren :)

  3. I was just talking to a friend the other day how much amazing music comes out of Canada (arcade fire and the new pornographers being the particular cases in point) - looks like fun!

  4. I promise...we do eat fruit. Lots of it. :)

    And if you are interested in more GREAT Canadian music I'd be happy to send you a list to check out. It's about all I listen to. Joni and Martha are favs around our house.

    As for poutine - I do love it but I can't eat it like I used to. It makes my tummy sad. We do tap our own trees for maple syrup though and that is FUN!

    I hope you enjoyed your "visit." Come again. :)

  5. Well the watching AoGG and Degrassi sounds like a normal night over here, as well as the Canadian music! My shame story is that once I turned off a DVD and Getaway was on. They were playing the theme music to AoGG so I started watching it and it was about Prince Edward Island. I burst into tears and cried for the whole segment.

    Yes, this is me. My name is Cass and I am an Anne of Green Gables tragic. Go Canada!


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