13 June 2011

unschool monday :: milestones


We knew it was coming. Just when we'd become used to a baby who was frustrated at not being able to move from her spot on the floor, or use the force to bring things to her. She demanded to be carried... Until... First came the flump. Kind of like the caterpillar, but with a leg outstretched, resulting in a flumping action across the room. Yesterday, after a bumper long nap in the car, we arrived home and put her on the floor, and there it was. The crawl!!


Little owlet reached her own milestone two nights ago when she happily said goodnight, told Huz he could go and drifted off to sleep in her own time. This is huge for her and at first, she didn't realise she'd done it. Until this morning when she figured it out and was so proud. And we're all so delighted for her. She did it in her own time. And slept sooo well.


Big owlet isn't reaching quite so many developmental milestones at the moment. She's hoping to master bike riding, but most of her milestones come in tiny increments. A new word read, a question answered or a sum worked out. A new piece of her world understood. She reaches mini milestones everyday and strives for independence. Walking the dog was important for her. She tells us next on the list is mowing the lawn and making a film. She's got the determination to do them too. Today. Her current obsession is teenagers. She can't wait to be one, pimples and all. *sigh* Soon enough. So we note her tiny milestones and encourage her to relish them too and hope to avoid bruises and bumps along the way.

I'd love to see how learning happens at your place. We believe it happens all the time, so please add your link and show us unschooling in your part of the world. You could be unschooling yourself, your owlets while they are on school holidays, or on the weekend... Me, I'm about to teach myself the scary world of overlockers... Please feel free to join in and we can all come and visit. xx

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  1. Yay, Baby Owlet! Something tells me she's not short of a spot of determination either...

    PS. I'll be needing BIG TIME overlocker encouragement before I even think about going there. Will wait to hear of your war stories.


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