22 June 2011

worldly wednesday :: Fiji


Bula! Well I must say it was quite a leap from Finland to Fiji! This week we had a go at masi decorating to adorn the wall during our feast and the owlets danced (and posed awkwardly) in grass skirts.


Our feast was a little tricky to prepare... not a great deal of tropical food available in winter in Hobart, but still, bellies were full of curry, sweet potato and pineapple bake, rice and roti...


I had a bit of an incident preparing the coconut pudding for dessert, so we made do with icecream, pineapple, banana and tinned guava... hmmm... not the finest of banquets, but for a Tuesday night, it fit the bill.


What I'm loving about our banquets is the concept that we get, of the flavours in each country. Each, so far, has been quite distinctive, even though mostly prepared using ingredients that we usually cook with. Interesting!

So after bidding farewell to Fiji with a rendition of Isa Lei, we hopped on random.org to choose next week's country... Cambodia here we come!

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