15 June 2011

worldly wednesday :: Finland


Over the long weekend, we went to Finland. It's somewhere that none of us knew much about and interestingly, the internet didn't know a great deal about it either. We did find out that it's purportedly the happiest country on earth. And the food is not really for all the members of the family. I'd probably do well there though, so a solo mama trip somewhere in the future might be possible.


Kippis! The challenge for our family and food right now is that I'm the only one who eats red meat and seafood with any confidence. Actually, I'll eat just about anything. But sadly I'm alone in my adventurous appetite, sadly, so our worldly wednesday escapades require a great deal of planning and research. I'm loving that the owlets will try new things.


They tried everything on this platter. Including herring in aspic, pickles, rye bread and graavilohi... Amazing stuff! They did very well. That's what I'm loving about our travels. They are willing to try so many new things in the spirit of adventure.


But, because I knew we'd need full bellies at some stage, and we all felt like some comfort food after a long day driving though the country, dessert was the main event. Crepes and berries, much to everyone's delight. We dined off a table decorated with a length of finnish fabric, talked about marimekko (see top picture) and forests and saunas... Then tumbled into bed after a hot steamy shower to fall asleep listening to some Finnish Folk and fairy tales. Bliss.

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  1. I love reading and seeing your "travels" it is such a great idea! :)


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