29 June 2011

worldly wednesday :: Cambodia


Another short trip this week. Actually, I felt like a week off cooking the feast, to be honest... and that's ok. Each week is an overview and if the owlets show extra enthusiasm, we do more. It helps lots if we can personalise the experience. Like if we know someone in the country we are looking at, or if there's a movie we can watch together...


Anyhow, this week we went to Cambodia. And thankfully, surprisingly, there's a Cambodian restaurant in town. So we went along for a cheap and cheerful meal. And it was great! Curries and leafy salads, chicken satay and rice. Yum.


Everyone enjoyed it.


Then home to watch some youtube clips on Cambodian Ballet and shadow puppets. Followed by a quick discussion on the country's history, as much as an owlet could absorb of it anyhow... and a chat about what some people we know are doing there and what it might be like for a child living in Cambodia.

It's quite interesting how common themes in handicrafts are occurring in our travels. It gives us a chance to really look at them and have a go if we can. I'm looking forward to this week and throwing ourselves into it with a bit more revived enthusiasm!

Starting this week, I've decided to make Worldly Wednesday a linkup. I thought it could be a great way to share information learned, and make a great postcard from one family to another.

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  1. I love that you made it a thing, thank-you, now I feel less criminal about my blatant plagerisation ;)

    I was thinking of making 'our classrooms' a thing, but no way would people do it every week (I struggle lol), then I wonder if people would remember if it was monthly *shurg* I dunno...

    way to hijack lol

    How cool that you have a local Cambodian restaurant!


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