5 June 2011

fossil cove


Last weekend we went on one of our adventures.

fossil cove 2

A fungi and fossil hunt and a wander through the bush.


Down to a little cove full of rocks and cliffs and swirling water.


Fossils and textures and colours everywhere. Inspiration for this textile lover and the owlets too.




We still pinch ourselves at our luck. Living in such a place. Where so many different experiences are just a short walk or drive from home. So much to explore and see and so much to share with our owlets.

fossil cove

We talk about the impacts of a city so close to all this beauty and see evidence of our existence in the weeds, the occasional rubbish and destruction, but mostly we love it and enjoy it and know that the owlets love and respect it too. Which is why we try to go adventuring each week if we can.


Will you go on an adventure this World Environment Day? Or just spend some time in nature? Maybe pull up a weed or pick up some rubbish while you're there and demonstrate making a difference for your owlets. But most of all, enjoy it.. xx


  1. Gorgeous place and pics, Lauren. We spent the morning at the Bot Gardens for EnviroFest. It was horribly uncomfortable due to the wind!

  2. Beautiful photos Lauren and what a fantastic fossil in that first shot! I'm trying to figure out where you were... Tasman Peninsula?

  3. Wow! Way to make a woman want to pack up everything and move to Tassie right now!
    What a beautiful spot.


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