14 June 2011

mini fashionistas


This is what they felt like wearing today. Clothes that make them happy. The owlets love colour. They collect clothes from all over the place and they have quite a bit of luck with thrifting. Little bowerbirds.

big owlet:
rainbow tights
yellow polka dot sneakers
yellow skirt that she made herself
orange stripy top under white floral t-shirt - both garage sale finds.
pink beaded Hello Kitty necklace
red floral headband
pink sunglasses
hand-me-down raffia bag

little owlet:
blue mary-jane sneakers
hand-me-down jeans
mama made garden skirt
stripy t-shirt
jacket made by Maree (my Mum)
beanie made by a friend
library bag made by big owlet
tip shop handbag

We try to give our kids free reign with clothing. We generally support their fashion choices. Even if we wouldn't have chosen that outfit for them. Usually we ask them to grab an extra layer or two because it's cold where we live. Mini fashionistas is all about kids choosing whatever they want to wear, and wearing it with style. It's a celebration of kid style and freedom of expression. I'd love to see what your kids choose to wear, whether at home or out and about...


  1. All day I thought about taking a pic of what my gang got about in but never did and now it's dark. BUM!!
    I must admit, sometimes I would quite like to stick a sign on them that says ' Miss ... dressed herself today.'

  2. my young man insists on wearing boardies over his winter pants... i'll have to find a pic


    also, those ladies are stylin'

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  4. I gave up on any sort of art direction YONKS ago. Means that every now and then when I ask for an extra layer, I may have a hope in hell.

  5. they are absolutely adorable - as is your blog and your designs. Very pleased I found you!

  6. Big Owlet looks so much like you in this shot!
    Little funksters. I wish my children were more interested in dressing themselves at the moment.


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