23 June 2011

my creative space...

I made something! I've been meaning to make daytime/night time reversible bags for the owlets for ages now. I thought they might make the process of getting ready for things a smidge easier.

Now little owlet is going through, umm... a phase. It takes her hours to get ready for bed, or to go out. She spends a great deal of time singing, humming, playing and everything else. It takes an average of 10 reminders for her to start the getting ready process. She just forgets. Completely away with the faeries... She's so much like me. *sigh*

So big owlet loves me making stuff for her. Its her favourite form of nurture and connection with me. She asked me to make these yesterday and when tiny owlet napped for longer than usual, we stopped to make them out of some old sheets and scraps of left over skirts. I have the sewing machine in position for such emergency craft situations. Big owlet was thrilled to have a go each step of the way and it's so lovely working with her. I'm hoping we get more windows of time to work on things together, as we did when it was just us all those years ago...

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  1. Just absolutely lovely, time to create with big owlet and something made with love.

  2. They look fabulous! Great work. K

  3. Gorgeous little bags! And so nice to have someone to create and sew with!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. It was with some shock, when recently I realised that me and my Big are in a similar position to you and your Big Owlet. Here's to a presence of mama mind that recognises a need to keep that connection happening at any opportunity!

    (and great bags too, by the way. Win win!).

  5. Great job hope they work a treat with the routines. I love that you had some help with them too.


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