2 June 2011

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Green Crown

Green felt crown for a little one soon to celebrate his first birthday! Lots of jewels in shades of green and orange, some brown and green ribbon, a gold star and orange stitching around the outside... Quite Autumnal and not like anything I've done before, so I'm a bit nervous about whether his mama will like it. I always find customs so much harder... but it is lovely to make things with people in mind. Hey, around here it's lovely to be making things full stop!


I'm itching to get to this delicious pile of fabric too...

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  1. Oh my! I am pretty sure his mama will LOVE that. It's so very him. :)

  2. Yes, rest assured, his mama absolutely adores it. Thank you so much, I can't wait to see it in real life :eager :eager

  3. The crown pulled me in but the Longfellow quote has me held. Is he not the most amazing?

  4. The crown is beautiful and the fabric, oh drool!
    Have you heard of the book "Zen & the Art of Needlecraft"? It's a very easy read with a sweet section on crafting a gift with someone in mind.

  5. Oh, look at those fabrics!

    I keep thinking I need to make a crown for my son. Maybe once I finish the current batch, I'll get to it. Yours is lovely.

  6. oh just the cutest! i love the green.i too need to make a crown.Great Inspiration.

  7. I think it look fabulous... the colours are really great... such a great idea :)


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