26 June 2011

flea market finds :: chairs


We went wandering today... To some of our favourite places, in search of some bits and pieces for the kitchen. Alas, the second-hand-shop gods were not looking out for us where the kitchen was concerned, but we did see this chair. That curve. Eames. LCW. Yes. Well, it's reproduction, of course, but the design is brilliant and the quality amazing and it was an absolute bargain. Tight budget* or no, we had to have it for our mid-century home which, although eclectic, is now housing a few mid-century bits and pieces.


Like the pair of Douglas Snelling chairs we picked up off a nature strip before hard waste collection a while ago. Actually, when Huz brought them home, we didn't know who designed them, but we did so love their shape. That curve. Then I saw a post here... and there it was. Looking a little more taken care of than our pair which are just ok for sitting. Just. A little project for the future... Along with finding more corners to put all these lovely chairs in.

More finds here

* Actually, we can probably count it as home educating expenses because we're all learning about design and history and have a comfy spot on which to perch to learn about such things, no?


  1. ahh they are such cute chairs! I think chairs are like tea cups, it's good to have an eclectic mix. Everyone then has their favourites :-)

  2. I think you're onto something! Definitely a deductible expense.

  3. Oh yay, i have a replica Eames Woody chair in the child size from Little Nest, it's in my son's room & i love it!! Such a gorgeous design, i'll be keeping it for his family (if i like his wife) & it won't be turning up in any Op Shop anytime soon. Love Posie

  4. I have a chair thing. Those two FIT THE BILL for me. Just spent rather a lot of the weekend tackling a roadside find chair refurbishment. Nearly done! (well. The first one)...

  5. Score! I'm rather envious - they are lovely :)


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