22 May 2011

flea market finds..

flea market finds

That jar is so us... We've had a busy, scavenging kind of weekend. A spot of pre-rapture looting. First the beautiful canister on Friday night, then the op shopped linen and pattern on Saturday morning.

flea market finds 2

Little owlet is particularly keen on the pinafore but a bit miffed that the shoes aren't included.

flea market finds 3

The owlets scored with some vintage Polly Pocket toys at a garage sale - supercute from before Polly grew hips and bosoms. They picked up some tea cups for our special morning teas, a bumper bag of Hama beads, a wetsuit for big owlet and a hand knitted jumper for little owlet. We did break the budget, just a little. But oooh isn't it fun to wander and rummage the weekend away?

More flea market finds here.


  1. what a great little collection. the jar is lovely, i really like the wooden lid:)

  2. I'm loving that green fabric you have there, can't wait to see the pinafore.

  3. Your canister is so cute. The colors are very cheerful. Oh and the linens too!

    The Joyful thrifter

  4. the canister / jar. i've come to love this kind of find through scooting round a-here on numerous blogs. it is a thing of beauty, no less. and maybe, one day, one will come my way... i hope.

  5. Yes the best fun sifting through garage sales on the weekend. I do know what you mean about the shoes...great basic pattern though, I'm sure you can do something fab with linings and appliques?

  6. AHHHH! Op-shopping! We went op-shopping at the weekend too. I didn't know there was an op-shop finds meme too, I've just blogged about our oppy "gold" too. I took my 4yo for some baby brother free op-shopping & she loved it as much as I do. Hurrah. Country op-shops are awesome too, I always have more luck finding fantastic stuff in counrty oppies than I ever did in the city. One big plus about our move.

    I remember those Polly Pockets when they were new, I never had one, but they were very popular at school.

    My favourite of your finds is the cannister though, it's too sweet.


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