10 May 2011

mini fashionistas


There's something about little owlet. She has a knack for piecing together random bits of clothing and making it all work. She wears these outfits with great aplomb and usually turns heads.

Here she's sporting a pair of wide leg cord pants sewn by mama, a corduroy dress she chose at a school fete for $1, a hand-me-down beanie, badge made by a friend, a top worn by her eldest sister on her 1st birthday (yes, it's size 1!), and gold jiffies. Later she swapped the jiffies for rainbow gumboots and the beanie for a tweed hat and we went out. And she looked cool.

I was reading Wondering Willow's post last week and looking at my mini fashionista and thinking I'd really love to see more of these awesome kids getting creative with fashion... and celebrating their sense of style! Would you like to join in too? Even just a pic of the ensemble if photographing and blogging your owlet is not your thing. Leave your link below if you'd like to get involved. I'm aiming to have a pic to share each Tuesday, so feel free to jump in sometime!


  1. I like the idea! I'll join in, my 3yo daughter always wears what her sense of style dictates :)

  2. I'll be joining in! Fern is bringing her jiffies down so she can play with your two!

  3. Too cute - she looks like a little Russian Peasant girl (my image anyway ;).
    Some kids sure have the knack for style.


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