17 May 2011

mini fashionistas


Little owlet, in the backyard yesterday morning. Questionable style, but points for warmth and practicality.

- baggy-bummed, pink and white striped velour garage sale leggings.
- pin cord green and navy plaid garage sale shirt.
- khaki long sleeved second-hand top with elephants
- new shoes that she usually refuses to wear because they fit :/
- lilac hand-me-down socks
- bike helmet, 2 sizes too small.

Yes, she did wear it to the shops later. It took some coaxing to get the helmet off her head. We bought a new one at the shops. She wore it for the remainder of the day...


Special mention this week to big owlet who figured out, after hearing only 2 bars of Madonna's "You Can Dance" vinyl album, that it was all about bare midriffs... and shiny belts and leggings.

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