23 May 2011

unschool monday :: ballawinne


This week we were privileged to participate in a workshop exploring the Tasmanian Aboriginal community's use of ballawinne, or red ochre. We all learned loads about the symbolism and tradition of it, how it is found and used... we also learned loads about the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. Stuff we didn't know before and how their culture varies from mainland cultural practices.


The owlets enjoyed grinding the ballawinne, painting with it and being painted with it.


I'm sure Huz's ballawinne mohawk went over well when he returned to work. He was pretty chuffed with it.


Big owlet was sad to hear that the meanings behind most of the petroglyphs she painted have been lost... All the more reason why we were so glad to be there.


I do find it amusing watching home educated children at these kinds of organised activities. They don't know to put their hands up, or to hold their enthusiasm.


The ages are varied and it is lovely to see older kids working alongside and with tiny children. In general, the information was presented in a visual and interesting way. I do find it interesting how educators tend to ask questions for the children to answer and discourage the children from asking their own questions.


I understand that it's because there's a time limit and it's easier to guide the group if the questions are guided. But, I know that our owlets learn more from asking and feel self conscious when they are asked to answer things they don't know the answer to... A reminder of why we often avoid organised education and follow this life learning path.

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  1. Yes, home educated children do seem more excited and enthusiastic at gatherings like these! I love it!


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