15 May 2011

New and unusual


On Thursday, Huz took the day off to go with us on an excursion organised by the local home ed. group... but it was cancelled. So we rugged up and bundled the owlets out the door for our first visit to MONA. What we saw was definitely exciting, surprising, highbrow, lowbrow and out of the ordinary. For us anyway...


But it wasn't for everyone...


So on the way back to the car, we played chess. We all felt much more at ease and then it was time for lunch...


So we pulled into the nearest castle...


And had Yum Cha. Of course. We were the only ones there on that cold Thursday. But the service and the food were fantastic. It was Huz and the owlets' first yum cha experience and while I'm not sure they enjoyed everything they tasted, they got into the spirit of trying new things. Which is what the day was all about...


And then we played pool...


While explaining the ins and outs of home education to the flabbergasted owner of the castle/yum cha restaurant. Yup. It was an odd day, but an adventure. What fun!


  1. Sounds like a great day Lauren!
    I still haven't been to Mona. Waiting for a day that Thomas can take off work so we can go together. He's just been so busy though.
    The castle restaurant is just down the road from us but I've never been. do they have much vego food?
    Hope you had a lovely weekend x

  2. We haven't been to MONA yet. But actually I'm more excited about your review of the castle. I really miss Melbourne's yum cha restaurants - we used to have work lunches in Little Bourke St and I loved the family vibe, little kids eating alongside parents and grandparents. We've tried Mee Wah in Sandy Bay, and it was, um, really not kid friendly.

  3. We also take the kids to the castle for yum cha.....definitely the only Hobart kid-friendly option! Mee Wah is great for adults but I agree with Sarah not at all kid-friendly. It is a bit surreal eating yum cha in a crazy castle building. It is not really similar to yum cha experiences in Sydney or Melbourne though.The other good/cheap family friendly place out that way is Global Kitchen (Main Road, Moonah) where the food is made by a local women of several nationalities.

    Still haven't made it to MONA yet, I'm waiting for a rainy winters day where going underground seems like a good idea.

    I can't believe how fast your little one is growing!


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