30 May 2011

unschool monday :: before you know it


They really do just learn when they are ready. Even when you think they'll never be motivated to pick up a pen and write. Or use a ruler to measure. Or try to calculate a sum. Somehow they do it. And you're not sure how they learned to do it, or when or why. But they did. And you breathe a sigh of relief and then kick yourself for doubting them. Of course they did!


Yesterday as we headed out on a walk, big owlet grabbed her notebook and wrote the alphabet in lower case. While we were driving and for no particular reason. Since then she has the urge to write. This morning she's copying out poems and discussing poetry with Huz. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. This is the girl who refused to write anything a month ago.


This is also the girl who decided she loved polly pockets so much that she set about making some stock to sell in the owlet shop, to make money and buy more. Through making paper crowns, she learned measurement, size, scale, trigonometry, currency, profit and loss... and so much more. No coaxing required. Not even a suggestion. She just did it because she wanted to and grasped all the concepts because she was ready to. And with enthusiasm.


I love that I'm amazed every time it happens... Keeps life interesting. And before we know it, she'll know everything she needs to. Just like that.


  1. Amazing! I have to add that your little one also has the most beautiful handwriting. Though mine go to a little village school, I do feel that they learn a great deal at home. My six year old daughter loves writing little stories in a book that she staples together. All thought of on her own. Enjoying your inspiring learning stories :)

  2. So funny - I was just going to write that Big Owlet has gorgeous writing - but Tania beat me to it!

    I'm always amazed too..and sometimes i feel guilty i'm amazed, that i should trust the process more - but then I think i'm really just amazed that kids are so truly amazing!

  3. absolutely wonderful!! they just do what they do to surprise us I think.

    it's a great thing watching them change & learn so many things.
    I found with mine she was slow starting but just enjoys it now & it's such an emotional thing for me to see.

    well done owlet ♥

  4. I'm a bit like Jo-
    I'll think "wow! i can't believe they learn, just like that!" then I'll feel a bit guilty for being so surprised lol.

  5. it's such an amazing feeling when you realize that the children have learned something that you "should" have taught them. my son named all of the days of the week the other day and we never reviewed that information. he learned them, in order, from life. life experience :). btw, i'm so enjoying unschool monday. thank you for it.

  6. Yep I watch myself celebrating and loving the moments of Aha! Reading and writing are happening here at the moment too and it's just beautiful.


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