27 May 2011



It's been one of *those* weeks. For much of it I've felt submerged, or just treading water. A tiny owlet who will not sleep during the day. Or be happy anywhere but mama's arms and two other owlets so in need of my time and interest and energy. There has been little room for anything I might need or want to do. Missing my family and wishing they could pop over for a chat or to just hold the baby for a moment. So frustrated with this world we live in where help is so near but seems so far away... But tonight I am grateful for many things...

* Friends who give generously of their time, helping any way they can and helping the hours pass with ease.
* Magnificent massages (see dot point one), unlocking the overwhelm and letting it melt away.
* Chatting to Mum on Skype.
* Being able to call a pyjama day anytime we like, then building a mermaid cubby, watching Splash and eating seaweed and jam seastar sandwiches.


* New friends, just around the corner.
* A partner who is truly that in every sense. Who will drop everything to be there. Just cos that's what you do.
* Tomorrow.

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Hello Lauren,
    just popped over to tell you that some friends have become 'home schoolers'...or unschoolers...whatever!
    we are keeping the status quo for us.
    Hope things get easier for you all soon...thinking of you xxx(((hugs)))

  2. Really enjoyed this post, particularly the pjs and watching Splash day! And the image of the underwater scene is beautiful.I am getting so many good ideas with this week's Grateful Linky...I am grateful for that in itself!

    Gill xo

  3. I am grateful for things that inspire me. Friendships that inspire me to be a better mom, a better cook, and a better friend. Books and crafters who inspire me to want to write more, read more, and make more.
    And I am grateful for an nice long weekend to look forward to with the family.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I am in awe of the mermaid cubby. I always wanted a place that looked like being under the sea. I hear you on feeling overwhelmed and I hope you can feel yourself popping back to the surface soon.

  5. Loving your underwater space! A big fan of skype here too so good for keeping in touch, love that my mum had finally worked out how to use it too :)

  6. Beautiful pictures, Lauren. Just gorgeous.

    But I know what you mean about being 'submerged'. Those weeks are tough. I'm glad you found some highlights. x


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