24 May 2011

worldly wednesday :: Jamaica


Week two of our world tour and we ventured off to Jamaica. Keep in mind it's kind of hard to imagine a tropical island when a cold snap happens in Hobart! Still, we did our best. The owlets transformed the lounge room floor to island mode, using blankets and towels and we had a picnic... in our pyjamas. While listening to Bob Marley. It was all very relaxing.

We listened to Dr. Suess in Jamaican Patois...

Feasted on Rice and Peas, Curried Chicken, Cabbage Salad and Coconut Chips, with fruity drinks and a banana each for dessert - remember the days when bananas weren't such a luxury?

After the feast, we listened to the Jamaican national anthem and watched Cool Runnings... Just for fun. It's quite amazing how the internet makes the world just that little bit more accessible. How we can find out snippets about a place we've never visited. Enough for the owlets to grasp just a tiny bit of the culture and find out about it even when there were no books at the library. The owlets are also surprised at how much of our travels have and will include tales of oppression and eradication of indigenous cultures. Lots of food for thought.


  1. We named our last dog "Sanka" after the dreadhead in Cool Runnings :)
    I'm really enjoying this Worldly Wednesday theme you've got going on, I think it's definitely something I'll try when my sproggets are old enough to enjoy participating.

  2. What a fun trip to Jamaica!

    What does Wednesday come to Chile?

    I'm waiting for that day.

    Warm greetings from Santiago de Chile.


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