19 May 2011

my creative space...


Here's the bad news: I suck at knitting. I'm slow and I make lots of mistakes and I forget where I'm up to and I forget to count. However, I am tenacious and by hook or by crook (or circular needles), I will finish this Milo for tiny owlet. Good thing is she's small and doesn't know.


Here's the good news: My creative mojo is found! It was missing, not just in the things I made, but in the day-to-day as well, and with much concentration and some collaboration with Huz and the owlets, I feel it has returned. Our days are suddenly extremely full. Now to find time for the creative projects I have planned. And the lovely bits I'm making for other peeps' owlets. And the growing list of things my own owlets have in mind for me...

Pop over here and see creativity happening in other spaces. Kirsty has created a whole new space for the creativity! Bless her!! xx


  1. thats a lovely apple green for little Owlet :)
    And Milo - I bought it yesterday, and already had to pull undone the first four rows due to being useless with circular needles - what a project to start back at knitting with !
    Good luck with your project, and finding the elusive free time between kids, baths and packin them off to bed before knitting on couch.

  2. So glad to hear you found your mojo :) I share your knitting ordeals. Sometimes I do fine, other times I make huge mistakes for no reason at all and I'm useless at picking up slipped stitches. But I enjoy it, which is what counts. The little hat looks lovely.

  3. Loving that green!
    I'm sure it will look lovely on her.
    Here's to finding creating time....

  4. That green yarn is just lovely! Glad you found your creativity!:-)

  5. I reckon you knitting is bloomin' fantastic!!!

  6. That mojo thing is such a rollercoaster ride, don'tchathink? Mine is currently wallowing in a dip which is why I have buried myself in knitting. Hang in there excellent lady - any second now you'll be able to 'read' those stitches and you won't have to worry about that counting business (such a revelation when it happened to me!)...

  7. Hurray for the return of the mojo! Good luck finding the time for it all!


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