18 May 2011

worldly wednesday


We've been itching to travel for the longest time. But life tends to catch up with us and the idea of leaving our island, one day, seems to get further away. So we've decided to bring the world to us. Inspired by Jo's International Food Nights, but taking it a step further, we've decided to pick a new country each week and immerse ourselves in the culture. On Sunday morning we pick a country at random, then set about learning what we can about it.


During the week we listen to music, talk about the history, art, geography of the place. We learn a phrase too. On Saturday night, we celebrate and eat a feast with traditional dishes from the country we are visiting. There will be dancing and dressing up and new foods to try. All the things that owlets love best. And surprisingly, we are exploring and finding culture existing in our own town. We're also thinking we just might find somewhere we'd love to visit in real life in the process... To ease in, we picked a country to start with that the owlets might have some concept of and having just seen Rio, we chose Brazil.


There were churros...


Followed by Bossa Nova and Samba...




Then a simple feast of beans and rice and orange salad and greens and polenta... with chocolate for dessert.


We did attempt to teach the owlets the phrase "Wow! I have the best parents in the world!", in Portuguese. Sadly they didn't seem to take to Portuguese naturally...


It was declared a hit, so look out for our travels again next week. We're heading to Jamaica!


  1. what an awesome idea! Looks like fun!

  2. We used to do this a bit as kids - and it included decorating our hallway with artwork and other things that fitted with the country we were exploring!!

    Looks like you're going to have lots of fun on your world travels!

  3. Hehe. Loving the Portugese propaganda...

  4. I loved this family activity.

    Served to educate in an entertaining way.

    Warm greetings from Santiago de Chile.

  5. Gads! I've been so bad with International Food Night since we moved.....we've had Alaska on the cards for about a month but got stumped with Inuit food items (errm...whale...polar bear...not so available in Adelaide!)...but i'm inspired to get back to it!! Rio sounds like a pretty good place to visit IRL! x

  6. How wonderful! Looks very fine indeed :)

  7. What a magical trip you had! I love the samba, and that food looks scrumptious.I can't wait to see where you (I mean we!) go next. :)

    What a wonderful idea, too…I love what you get up to, and the way you parent/live/are with your kids. It truly inspires me, Lauren. I'm so grateful for your words and for your energy. I'm so glad I get to come here and be a part of it!


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